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標題: AV Lead Technician [打印本頁]

作者: michal    時間: 2020-3-31 00:14     標題: AV Lead Technician

An AV Lead Technician rarely needs more than a high school diploma. Most AV technicians who progress to this stage usually do so through on-the-job training and certification. However, a bachelor’s degree is widely recommended, especially in fields like audio-visual production, video production, and multimedia operations.
As a lead technician enjoys a high-level job in the industry, they are also expected to have a much higher level of experience, often as much as up to 5 years in AV specific fields of work. Furthermore, they must have a passion when it comes to multimedia and tech. As the field is always updating from a tech standpoint, technicians must show an ability to keep up with those developments.

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